Pasco von der Traisenwiese was one of those dogs that did not leave anyone indifferent. His presence both in the rings and in everyday life did not go unnoticed.
He came from the “Von der Traisenwiese” kennel which produced many exceptional dogs. He was the very type of Rott, combining beauty and ability to use.
His results, both in shows and in work, prove it. And not only did he have many qualities, but he passed them on to his descendants.

Pasco gave me all the satisfaction that one can hope for when working with a Rott.
His abilities are well known, he was brave, a fighter, a good listener, very intelligent and a sporting dog.

He is, to my knowledge, the only Rott who is Elite A, Ring III and who has numerous BOB, CACIB, CACS, reserves, excellent classifications and this, both abroad and in France.
He has passed all the selection tests: Character Test (CT), Use Test (UT), Complementary Selection Test (CST), Endurance Test (ET).
He is free of hip and elbow dysplasia.
Born on 24 January 1999, he left us on 18 February 2012.
Fortunately, we had the good idea to collect and freeze Pasco’s semen. This semen allowed us to give birth to our two bitches Pipa de la Vallée des Glaciers and Heizelwood Taki.

Some pictures of the girls at 3 years old

Some pictures of Pasco

Pasco von der Traisenwiese
Pasco von der Traisenwiese