The french ring working dogs that have made the reputation of the kennel !

Working with a Rottweiler is far from being a long and quiet road, it represents hours of training, of questioning. It is not a discipline that can be practised alone…, you need a team, men of attack… but what a pleasure during the competitions when you see your Rott competing with other breeds such as German Shepherds and Malinois, the formulas one of the discipline!
You are there, you participate ….
In 40 years, I have participated in many Ring competitions with most of my dogs…. Aron (Ring I), Vreni (Ring II), Doll (Ring I), Ike (Ring II), Boy (Ring I), Jedï (Ring I) and many others …
On this page you will discover the results of all these hours of work and passion through the videos of two dogs who have not only marked the breeding but also my life… two friends, even two brothers Pasco and Chad…

Pasco von der Traisenwiese - Ring III (1999 - 2012)

Pasco was one of those dogs that did not leave anyone indifferent. His presence both in the rings and in everyday life did not go unnoticed.
He came from the “Von der Traisenwiese” kennel which produced many exceptional dogs. He was the very type of the Rott, combining beauty and ability to use.
His results, both in shows and in work, show that. And, not only did he have many qualities, but he passed them on to his descendants.

Pasco gave me all the satisfaction that one can hope for when working with a Rott.
His aptitudes are no longer to be demonstrated, courageous, a fighter, a listener, he was very intelligent and he was a sporting dog.

He is, to my knowledge, the only Rott who is Elite A, Ring III and who has numerous BOB, CACIB, CACS, reserves, excellent classifications and this, both abroad and in France.
He has passed all the selection tests: Character Test (CT), Use Test (UT), Complementary Selection Test (CST), Endurance Test (ET).
He is free of hip and elbow dysplasia.

Pasco’s progeny are also remarkable, to mention only the main ones:
Silk du Royaume de Dieu: French Champion, Swiss Ch, Luxembourg Ch,
Ulysse de la Vallée des Glaciers : Ring III
Uxanne du Royaume de Dieu: RCI II, Swiss and French Champion and International Beauty Champion.
Cartouche vom Hellimer Hof : Ring III.
And now the second generation with jaïko Hirten Von Rottweil : Ring III

As I said in my introduction, to reach such a level, you need a team … and this is why I will always thank the Entente Canine Annemassienne and more precisely, Jérôme, Emilien, Philippe, Jean Louis, Jean Marc and others, they will certainly recognize themselves ….

Chad de la Vallée des Glaciers - Ring II (2007- 2016)

Chad is a dog with temperament, courage, he is sure of himself and sociable!
His show career has been quite remarkable, regularly classified by judges specialising in the breed both abroad and in France, Swiss champion at two and a half years old, he has passed all his tests (TC, TU, ESC and Endurance test).
He is a sporty, powerful dog with an excellent build, excellent gaits, strong bone and a remarkable head type!
His aptitudes for use are, for me, exceptional, a Rott with entries worthy of a Malinois, of the temperament (perhaps a little too much sometimes!), hardly impressionable, which understands quickly… and what does not spoil anything, jumps and a good obedience!
Only problem … his immoderate love for the canvas … and the male assistants !!!
A dog which corresponds completely to the motto of the kennel : ” Beautiful and Good ” !
He would have deserved to compete in Ring III, he had the abilities, but unfortunately, to reach such a level, you need a team and this is what we lacked… this time !