The Kennel is located in France (Haute Savoie /Auvergne - Rhône Alpes), close to Switzerland.

A passion and 40 years of experience with the philosophy: “Breed and produce beautiful and healthy dogs”, with respect for animal welfare.

Our dogs

Never More de la Vallée des Glaciers

Pipa de la Vallée des Glaciers

Neyss Moon de la Vallée des Glaciers

Heizelwood Taki

Our puppies and future litters

Giving birth to puppies is a responsibility and animal welfare is a guideline !

I never wanted to live from the sale of my puppies and my job has always allowed me to do so. This choice allows me to select my Clients, just as they choose our breeding. The puppies we produce are working dogs, show dogs as well as family dogs… we answer all the requests with the only condition… that they have a happy life…
Happy, I grant you, is a rather vast term… so to be a little more precise, I would say that it must be welcomed by a family who has wished it, who has thought about all the obligations that life with a dog implies… the constraints and the joys.
A family ready to invest time and money in his education, his health and his well-being.
This happiness should not be limited to that of the dog, but also to that of his human family… He must fit in perfectly with his new family, and this is the reason why our baby Rotts are not placed in just any family. Depending on the marriages chosen, the character of the father and the mother, the evolution of the puppy, we guide our clients in order to choose the puppy that will suit them… And if we feel that their choice does not correspond to the puppy’s character… we know how to say no.
We ensure, of course, a follow-up of the puppies born at the kennel, our role of breeder is not limited to make them be born and to place them !

We are and will always be there to share our experience and to help our clients in any area: health, food, behaviour or education and this throughout the life of the dog.
For the puppies who remain close to the kennel, our training ground allows us to welcome and train those who have the ambition to compete.
And finally, I would like to say that we are the happiest of breeders when we receive news of our babies… and if there are photos, it is only happiness !

Working, exhibitions, selection, but also leisure with our Rotts...

The pleasure of having a beautiful and good dog is not limited to breeding. Our dogs take part in our leisure activities, in particular in our walks, mountain hikes and holidays. They are our companions and we like to share our time with them… what a pleasure to walk in the middle of nature with our Rotts! I let you share some of these privileged moments through our photos.

Chad de la Vallée des Glaciers
Pasco Von der Traisenwiese

About Rottweiler

History says that the Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origins go back to Roman times. At that time he was a guard and herding dog. He escorted the Roman legions as they crossed the Alps, protecting the men and leading the cattle. When the legions settled in the Rottweil area, these dogs came into contact with the native dogs and cross-breeding occurred, which resulted in the present breed.

The main tasks of the Rottweiler remained the guarding and driving of large herds and the defence of the master and his property. The old imperial town of Rottweil eventually gave the dog its name: Rottweil Butcher Dog. Butchers bred these dogs solely for their performance as working dogs. Over the years, a very special breed of guard and herding dog developed, which was also used as a draught animal. He was later used as a service dog for the police and proved to be perfectly suited to this function.

Tableau historique Rottweiler
Poya Rottweiler

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