Eight weeks old, they have grown up well and it is time for them to join their adoptive families and start a new life. Even if we always make sure that our puppies leave in the best conditions for their balance and their well being, it sometimes happens that all does not happen in the best conditions. We had a “false start”, Tango or Mr Green, who left on Tuesday will be back on Monday! Here are the reasons:
Good evening, I’m contacting you about Tango because unfortunately I have a problem.
Unfortunately, the condominium where we live does not accept category 1 dogs. Unfortunately, I cannot move immediately and I have no alternative but to come back to you because I cannot keep him. This situation saddens me greatly. Thank you in advance for your feedback and your help, I am very sorry…”.
Fortunately, these things happen very rarely ….

Our puppies and their adoptive families.